Chiblockers focus on bare handed combat, utilizing their agility and speed to stop any bender right in their path. Although they lack the ability to bend any of the elements, they are great in combat, and a serious threat to any bender. Chiblocking was first shown to be used by Ty Lee in Avatar The Last Airbender, then later by members of the Equalists in The Legend of Korra.

How To Choose

Just like you would choose any other element, Chiblocking would be done in a very similar fashion. You can use the command:

/bending choose chiblocker

You will receive a message telling you that you have become a chiblocker. On most servers, you want to be careful when choosing your element, changing your element is turned off by default.


A bender will use their own chi to bend, so a chiblockers purpose is to stop the Bending of a bender, allowing them to move in from the kill. This can be done with a punch, you can configure how likely one is to dodge the chiblockers attempt.

Enhanced Strikes

Chiblockers have stronger strikes by default. This can be configured in the config.yml file and runs on a multiplier. By default, it is configured to 3, so each ability will do 1.5 hearts.

0.5 * 3 = 1.5

This, doubled with the possibility of a chiblocker blocking a bender's likely only offense makes them a serious threat.

Reduced Fall Damage

Chiblockers rely on utility and speed a lot, due to this, they will probably be doing some higher jumps and would take more fall damage than usual. In the config you can modify the percent of fall damage that they will take. Configuration details below.

Higher Jumps

This is another passive utility on a chiblocker. While sprinting, they can receive a small higher jump (without the bound ability). The ability to jump higher can allow a chiblocker to jump over fences, over small walls, or just give them more utility.


Chiblocking can be configured in the following section of your config file.

    ChiBlock-Duration: 2500
    Dodge-Chance: 25
    Punch-Damage: 3
    Fall-Damage-Reduction: 50
    Punch-Multiplier: 3

All of this modifies the passive abilities of chiblockers listed above. The Chiblock duration is in milliseconds.

Please Note: When editing any yml file, spacing is very important. Always use spaces instead of tabs to prevent error. If you get any config errors, copy examples from above, and throughout the wiki.

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