Ba Sing Se falls

Collapse is an earthbending ability that will bring down walls, columns, any other floating blocks. If there is space for the block to go down, it will go down. The ability has the possibility of trapping someone underground, although it is extremely difficult to use offensively. This is more of a utility than anything else.

Player: How to useEdit

To use, you must first bind the ability using the command:

/bending bind Collapse

Once you have the ability bound select it and click on any earthbendable block. It will shove the block back into the ground if there is space for it go.

Additionally, pressing sneak with this ability will effect the area around your targeted location, collapsing more and more at a time. It is best to use collapse in larger situations.

For more information, look at the in-game help using the command:

/bending help Collapse

Admins: PermissionsEdit

By default, all Earthbenders will have this ability. If you run a more advanced permissions setup, you may want to use the permissions node instead. If you wish to negate the node, see the documentation for your permissions plugin on how to negate permissions nodes. The node for Collapse is:

Additionally, you can use the following node to give / take all Earthbending from a user.*

Admins: ConfigurationEdit

Collapse can be configured in two different parts of the config. CompactColumn and the Collapse options both effect this ability. Lets start with CompactColumn:

      Range: 20
      Speed: 8

The Range is pretty self explanatory, the speed is how fast it will go down. The lower the number, the slower

The Collapse options are:

      Range: 20
      Radius: 7

The range is how far away you can click to effect the area. The radius would be the area around the targeted area that will be effected.

Note: Be careful with spacing when editing a yml file. Always use spaces instead of tabs to prevent error.